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Rosanne Eisenhandler
Address: Montville, NJ USA
Yes! Attending Reunion

On October 21st, my family threw me the best surprise bday party. We took over a restaurant with 50 of my closest friends. can only wait with anticipation for the rest of my bday celebrations, which usually stop by 12.15.

Here I sit (at home) waiting for Hurricane Sandy to make a direct hit to New Jersey. we still have power, heat, and food in the house. very wet and windy. my house is towards the top of a mini.mountain (400 ft above sea level), but if I flood, would someone send an ark to pick us up? The lower parts of my town and the neighboring towns do flood, surrounding the town with water on three sides. usually, the only way out is by going north. i don't plan on leaving the house until the storm passes. eventually, all bad weather leaves, and we will, happily, venture out. [This is the one year anniversary of snowtober, when we were without power for two days. I had to spend a couple of days in ny city. i am sure that the power went on as i was crossing the GWB, into the city. i couldn't come back until my birthday, 11.1.] as in both years, my husband is dry and warm at a convention in Scottsdale, AZ, back in time for my birthday on Nov.1st.

After graduating Guilderland, I went on to earn several degrees, and taught high school full time until 1981, when I gave birth to my first daughter. After a couple of years off, I became an adjunct at the local community college until '94. After leaving that job. I went back to school, but i have to admit to being a PhD dropout from Rutgers University. I finally retired from working parttime in 2002. This gave me more time for me to do my volunteer work.

My husband and I have three girls...We sent Jessica to Canada for one year and England for four years to become a classically trained singer and is, currently, an unemployed actress. no matter, she has her equity card, what else is important? Leah, our second daughter, graduated Rutgers Phi Beta Kappa, and went on to earn her MS, also at Rutgers. currently, she is a seventh grade reading teacher in Harlem. Janice, our third daughter, is working toward her MS degree in school counseling. We're really proud of all of our girls.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Since being diagnosed with MS in '93, I have become involved in working for disability rights, joining several advocacy groups. I am the leader for two MS support groups. Additionally, I am a peer counselor for others with MS, on a township committee, and two committees at our temple.

When not doing advocacy, I am a very proficient Mahj jongg player, giving lessons and playing three times a week.

Spare Time? What Spare Time?

School Story or Memory:

Whenever someone complains about the "cold" temps here in Jersey, I always tell the story about when we had the fire in the school. Evacuation at 27 below zero, no time to get our jackets. Next day, school stayed open even after someone slipped on the ice in the study hall and broke her kneecap. On the third day of minus 25 temps, the Board of Health made the school close . Whether or not these facts are 100% correct, do me a favor and don't tell me otherwise.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend this year's reunion. The date coincides with Yom Kippur.

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