Missing Classmates

Please help find missing classmates.

See list following these registered classmates.

Tom Truax registered February 28, 2021

Kate (Brooks) Dail registered February 21, 2021

Bonny (Hedden) Grieco registered November 26, 2020

Cora-Sue (Crounse) Nitsky registered August 31, 2020

Sue (Cassels) Cusack registered March 16, 2020

Karen (Moon) Marshall registered March 11, 2020

Greg Pettengill registered March 7, 2020

Leslie (Frye) Bradt registered February 10, 2020

Diane (Parvis) Parks registered January 25, 2020

Debra (Rockstroh) Snyder registered January 24, 2020

Mark Civill registered March 17, 2019

Susan (Phillips) Yeager registered April 10, 2018

Earl O'Bryan registered April 9, 2018

Alane (Ebert) DeRousse registered April 15, 2017

Sue (Schempp) McCue registered April 5, 2017

Terri Burda registered March 2, 2017

Ted Gould registered March 1, 2017

Lisa Hailes registered March 1, 2017

Ron Crounse registered on August 4, 2015

Bill Moran registered on May 5, 2015

Jim Johnson registered on May 1, 2015

Mary (Winne) Leonard registered on Feb. 10, 2014

Maureen (Besha) White registered on Jan. 13, 2014

Kim Sottong registered on Jan. 13, 2014

Lauren Chase registered on Dec. 27, 2012

Jim Hall registered on Aug. 1, 2012

Dennis Eldridge registered on May 18, 2012

Marcia Gifford (Gifford-Sorrell) registered on April 23, 2012

Terry Feret registered on Mar. 9, 2012

Nancy (Alheim) Stoller registered on Nov. 2, 2011

Mike Henry registered on Aug. 30, 2011

Dan Hughes registered on Apr. 11, 2011

Patricia (Susie) Golden registered on Feb. 3, 2011

There are 62 missing classmates, listed below.

Please send leads you may have to the Webmaster or Barb (Merrihew) Paley through her account here or email if you have it or to any planning committee member you know.


Carol Ackerman (Hughes)
James Alland
Ed Arnold
Mike Barker
Steve Bazan
Cathy Boyle (Donnelly)
Deb Buker (Demarest)
Diane Bulman
Robert Burke
Carol Carlson (Hotaling)
Tom Clark
Neil Cole
Billy Dolence
Jim Dudley
Joan Gardner
Denise Gerard (King)
Nancy Gray
Barb Green
Brenda Harris
Karen Heidenreich (Cobden)
Donna Hill (Meador)
Joanne Houser
Joan Knapp (Mesec)
Priscilla Knapp
Joe Kraus
Karen MacGregor
Lynn MacGregor (Stewart)
Terry Martinetti
Sue McCoy
Pat McCumber (Veve)
Al Moshier
George Murphy
Deb Murray (Moak)
Pat Ortale (Cucorullo)
Joan Parker
Ed Pierce
Wendy Pitcher
Deidre Powe
Peggy Reed
John Robusto
Diane Russell (McGroty)
Jim Santore
Mary Scannell
Pam Scott
Kevin Shortsleeve
Kerry Simons
Carol Smith (Carusone)
Jim Smith
Kathy Spawn (Murray)
Bill St. Louis
Jim Staub
Harley Strauss
Mike Szalkowski
Barb Testa (Johnson)
Bill Thomas
Dave Thomas
Richard Tymchyn
Jeff Weidenbacher
Linda Whitbeck
Jack White
Linda Younker
Cindy Zimmerman

Guest Members

David Palmer -Husband Of Jilda (Gr…
Barbara Riggs (GCHS Classmate)